Why You Need to Relax Before You Can Sleep

The idea you must relax before you sleep might sound obvious, but how many people actually unwind before going to bed? Many rush through the day, feel tired, and expect to fall asleep the moment their head hits the pillow. When you don’t relax, though, it’s hard to sleep. Here’s why.


Over-tiredness stops you sleeping

You’re stressed when you’re overtired: Not a helpful recipe for a good night’s sleep. If you don’t unwind in the evening, you stay in a state of unease. Your muscles are tight and your mind is full. You need to relax your body and reduce stress.


Relax and prepare for sleep

Nature teaches many lessons if you note them. One of her favorites is that most creatures use energy after the sun rises and replenish it when the sun goes down.

Do you work or rush around in the evening? If so, you’re not in harmony with the rhythm of life. Slow down as the day wears on, carrying out less intensive physical and mental activity after dusk.


Avoid these practices in the evening

A behavior demanding concentration, like intense studying, creates tension and may make it difficult to sleep. It’s fine to work, study, play computer games, and do whatever else you want as long as it doesn’t make you tense.

Watch your actions and recognize those that make you frown, strain your muscles, and worry. Once you know what they are, swap them for behaviors you find easy and simple. When your activities feel easy, you are at ease and will relax.


These relaxing practices encourage sleep

Carry out relaxing practices that help you sleep. Stretch your body, for instance. Watch the sun go down and listen to calm music. You might also write your daily experiences in a journal. Get concerns and excitement out of your head. Put them on paper to relieve anxiety. Then your brain need not remind you to solve difficulties when you want to sleep.

Put having a good chuckle on your list of practices that help you unwind too. Laughter makes you release feel-good chemicals that reduce anxiety. The evening’s an ideal time for amusing conversations, funny TV shows, and other fun, light activities.


You’ll sleep well if you drop stressful practices for easy evenings unwinding. Stop behaviors that increase anxiety and opt for those that help you relax. You will enjoy harmony with your natural rhythm and fall asleep fast.