Richard Lost 173 Pounds with Gastric Bypass

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Richard Lost 173 Pounds with Gastric Bypass

My health issues were the motive behind my weight loss surgery at Hollywood Bariatrics. I had a pseudotumor cerebri, hypertension, borderline diabetes and joint pain.

I was at an all time high of 375lbs, had lost my vision and my health was deteriorating. My mother works in the Memorial Health Care system, and told me about Hollywood Bariatrics. She took me to a seminar, we asked questions and even met with Dr. Bass after the seminar to get more information. He helped us feel comfortable moving forward. Today I am 190 pounds less, thats a whole person!

My vision is back, health problems resolved! If your contemplating weight loss surgery, do it! Do it for your health, do it for your family, and most importantly do it for YOU. Look at my pictures, and see how I am a completely different person-full of energy, and stamina. Thank You Dr Bass, TIffany and everyone at Hollywood Bariatrics!

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