How a Good Night’s Sleep can feed your Brain

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Work deadlines, family responsibilities, and the constant distractions of the Internet and social networks all conspire to rob us of a good night’s sleep. There has been quite a bit of information published lately about the effect of sleep loss on our mental and physical well-being. Now, new research suggests that lack of sleep may have an effect on our weight as well, making weight loss efforts more difficult than ever.

In a study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, researchers from Uppsala University and other European schools have discovered that sleep loss can trigger the parts of the brain that regulate appetite. The researchers discovered these parts of the brain by showing pictures of food to twelve subjects while scanning their brains through a functional MRI. After comparing the results of this scan after a normal night’s sleep to those from a night without sleep, the researchers noticed substantial difference in brain activity corresponding to hunger cues among individuals that were deprived of a full nights rest.

This is important information for those that are trying to lose weight. Weight surgery in Naples can be a beneficial tool that can enhance your weight loss efforts, but your efforts may be even more successful if you take the time to get a full nights rest every night.

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