Let the Sun Shine! Vitamin D can Enhance Weight Loss

Posted: Feb 29 in Obesity and your Health by

Being overweight can cause an individual to ask a number of questions, with one of the most important being “what is bariatric surgery” in Naples? As you meet with your weight loss surgeon to find out what type of bariatric surgery is right for you, consider some of the nutritional deficiencies that you may be experiencing. As you work towards your weight loss goal, it is important to ensure that you are meeting adequate nutrient levels in your diet. Your weight loss physician can help you to develop a dietary plan that will meet your nutritional needs.

Vitamin deficiency is a common problem. Despite an excess of weight, many obese and overweight individuals are actually malnourished because they lack many of the vital nutrients that are found in healthy foods. In addition to keeping you healthy and preventing serious illnesses, nutrients can help you to lose weight. In fact, a recent study found a correlation between Vitamin D levels and successful weight loss.

In a recent study, researchers evaluated the level of vitamin D in obese and overweight individuals at the onset of a weight loss program. Many of the individuals tested showed insufficient levels of vitamin D, but those that had more vitamin D in their blood at the beginning of the weight loss program experienced greater weight loss results. Higher baseline levels of vitamin D predicted a greater loss of abdominal fat among participants.

These results are not very conclusive, but they do highlight the importance of nutrition as you are trying to lose weight. Incorporating vitamin D into your weight loss diet could enhance your weight loss results when used together with a proper diet and increased physical activity.

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