Amy: Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss

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Amy: Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss

This picture is the day of surgery NOVEMBER 28, 2012 and the AFTER is FEBRUARY 8th!

It has been over a year now on this road and I am amazed at my journey thus far. I am pushing forward and taking my body with me, just less of it. Lol. I started this journey weighing way, way too much and I am proud to say that I have lost just over 225 pounds! That is like a whole person! That being said I’m sure you can imagine how big I was. It is hard to wrap my mind around the scale number where it was and somewhat shocking to see what it reads today!

I am sad what I put my body through but at the same time it has taught me to have a goal and meet it, how to be determined without feeling defeated and how to have an inner strength. Thank you all for your ongoing support. My goal was to lose 200 pounds by November 28th and I did that! I feel great knowing that I am gaining muscle and feeling so much healthier and knowing that is so worth it all. For once when I smile I know I have another reason to really see it! I went from size 30 clothing down to the size 8-10 that I am currently wearing! Life is different but I am loving the new me! I am able to do things with my kids and able to truly enjoy life! Walking to the mailbox and shopping in a grocery store is no longer a chore. I can enjoy it while enjoying the time with my family! The pride I see in my children’s eyes is even more of a blessing! In the beginning they measured my weight loss by how far around my waist their arms would go! Guess what? Now they get them around and there is so much room left over!

I am so thankful that I found out about Doctor Bass and his staff at the Fort Myers office! I went in and cried many tears because I just thought there was no way for me to get this weight off. I really thought that being “obese” was just something I would have to learn to live with. I was not able to really smile or enjoy the things that so many take for granted on a daily basis. After talking to him I realized that the sleeve surgery would work out the best for me and help me in achieving the goals I needed to achieve! I am not saying it has been easy because I have really pushed myself and have exercised a lot, but I can say with the staff at Dr. Bass’s office they have made the journey that much easier. It is amazing to me that they really care about your journey and love when you are successful! Thank you everyone, I appreciate it so much!