Cherina Lost 160 Pounds with Gastric Bypass

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Cherina Lost 160 Pounds with Gastric Bypass

Thank You Dr. Thomas Bass. You are the greatest doctor in the world! I can’t begin to tell you how much of an experience I have had since my weight loss surgery.

You performed my gastric bypass on 09/17/2006. I moved to Port Saint Lucie shortly thereafter. I returned to Miami after the death of my daughter in June of 2007. I am now divorced since October 2008, which is great. You told me it could be a side effect of the surgery ( lol), but a great one. I have not had any trouble what so ever.

I did have a baby before the divorce. September 23, 2009. His name is Kevin. A beautiful healthy baby boy. The pregnancy went fairly well, but I quickly lost the weight afterwards. I can say my tool is still working. I haven’t really did any exercise. I have to try I think I’ve done pretty well. I currently weigh 165 pounds. That’s a big difference from the 320 pounds I was carrying when I walked in your office.

I thank God for sending you into my life. I hear so many horror stories of people who have performed the surgery. Thank goodness I wasn’t one of them. Have a wonderful Holiday season and kiss the wife Tiffany for me! God Bless you both this season.