Joe: LAP-BAND Weight Loss

Lost 130 Pounds with adjustable gastric band surgery

Joe Lost 130 pounds with lap band

Joe struggled with his weight since childhood. “I was brought up being told to eat everything on my plate,” says Joe. “I did. And then some!”

Like so many people trying to lose weight, he turned to fad diets, and even tried hypnosis. “I’d lose 10 to 15 pounds, then fall back into my old habits,” he says. “Like the old saying goes: I kept doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.”

A Wake Up Call

Joe first considered surgery a couple of years ago, but says he wasn’t quite ready to make the commitment. When his weight crept up to 342 pounds, the 46-year-old Director of Environmental Services at Memorial Regional Hospital developed a host of health problems that could not be ignored, including sleep apnea, high blood pressure, hypertension, back problems and high cholesterol. But his real motivation came when his brother-in-law, who was diabetic and also overweight, suffered a stroke. “That was a real wake-up call for me,” Joe says. “It was time for me to change my life.”

After hearing success stories from patients of the Memorial Comprehensive Weight-Loss Surgery Program, Joe discussed laparoscopic band surgery (LAP-BAND®) with his physician and was referred to Thomas Bass, MD, bariatric specialist and surgeon on the medical staff at Memorial Regional Hospital, Memorial Regional Hospital South, Memorial Hospital Miramar and Memorial Hospital Pembroke.

After reviewing Joe’s medical history and discussing his goals, Joe and Dr. Bass agreed that he was a good candidate for the LAP-BAND® surgery. The reversible procedure involves inserting an inflatable band around the top portion of the stomach to create a small pouch that fills more quickly. Once the ring is adjusted – by injecting or removing saline via a port under the skin – optimal weight loss can be achieved.

Motivating Others

Joe underwent the Lap-Band® surgery in February 2007 and has lost 130 pounds. He has made exercise and portion control part of his daily routine. He dropped from a size 3X to a size large and went from a 52-inch waist to a 36-inch waist. “It felt great to give all my old clothes to the church,” says Joe. “Most importantly, I feel I’ve added at least 10 years onto my life.”

His family has also reaped the benefits. “My wife was hesitant at first, but she has joined me in changing her eating habits and has lost more than 20 pounds herself and her diabetes is under control.” In addition to inspiring his family, Joe’s journey toward a healthier life has motivated his co-workers at Memorial too. “I know of at least 10 people who watched me achieve my goals and are now going through the program,” says Joe. “I tell them that it’s all worth it because I’ve never felt better about myself.”