John: LAP-BAND Weight Loss

John: LAPBAND Weight Loss

My name is John Moore; I had Lap Band Surgery done in October of 2007 by the best doctor in Florida. I weighted 455 lbs at that time, I now weight 294 lbs and still I am losing. This surgery has totally changed my life; I now don’t run out of breath just walking across the room. I work out in a gym at least twice a week and sometimes three, which I have never done. I had several health issues which have slowly gone away. It has opened many windows into different things, one being I can now fly coach instead of first class which is a huge savings. I can also ride thrill rides at amusement parks with my seventeen year old son.

There are just so many things and when you have the greatest doctor and staff, it makes it just that much better. Dr Bass and staff make you feel like family and they genuinely care about you.

Thank You

John Moore