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Lost 87 pounds with adjustable gastric band

Phyllis lost 87 lbs with lap band

July 18, 2005 I gave myself the best birthday present ever. I made a decision to have lap-band surgery. I had this done 2 days before my 74th birthday, and left the hospital the next day. I am a changed person, both physically and mentally. Prior to my decision I had been on one diet or another starting when I was eleven. I remember my mother taking me to a “diet doctor”, getting lots of pills, losing a great deal of weight and slowly putting it back on.

From that time I was either going on a diet, thinking about going on a diet or being TOLD I need to go on a diet. Too many times to count I lost around 100 pounds, I was good at losing, but could never keep it off. In my later years I developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol and osteoarthritis in my knees. I have had a total knee replacement on one knee. Before that surgery could be performed I was told I had to lose weight. I lost 104 lbs. to be able to have the operation. That was 6 years ago and the weight has slowly piled back on.

My other knee is now hurting almost as badly as the one operated on, and again I would have to lose the weight or the surgeon would not do the operation. This is what made me think about another option and I began to investigate the work Dr. Bass was doing at Memorial Hospital and started attending the meetings to learn more.

I was excited at what I heard, at last a way to keep off the weight. Since the operation, which was not a big deal, I no longer have the high blood pressure, and my cholesterol, although not as low as I’d like is much better, My knee does not hurt as much as when it had all that extra weight on it. At least I can walk without a cane and if I decide to go ahead with replacing it I am ready physically.

As for the mental, I really like myself now. I look in the mirror and enjoy putting on clothes and how I look. I have gone from a size 221/2 to a size 10.This is the best I’ve been in many, many years and although I can’t say it was easy, it was worth every inconvenience and struggle. I continue to go to all the meetings so I can listen and learn from those who are where I am and share with those who are thinking about having the operation.

Thank you Dr. Bass and Tiffany, I love you both. You have saved me and given me the energy to go on with the fourth quarter of my life (75-100yrs) as a normal person instead of a fat person.