Ted: LAP-BAND Weight Loss

Lost 130 Pounds with adjustable gastric band

Ted lost 130 lbs with lap band

Pertaining to my new life with the loss of 130 lbs total and holding as I am very comfortable with my current weight and never felt healthier. Prior to my weight loss I could not get out of my chair without extreme difficulty as my legs were so weak form Post Polio Syndrome that I could not walk without a cane nor could I walk more than 20 feet or so before sitting and resting. I could not participate in any social activities and as a result led a very dull life after being a sales motivator for a good part of my life until my heart attack due to high cholesterol in 98 and forced to retire. My only entertainment was an occasional movie and of course TV. Gardening which is my hobby for many years was extremely limited as I could not bend and if I did 80 % of the time my back would spasm and I would be in horrific pain for four or five days so terribly that I could not seek medical aid unless by ambulance. Using the facilities was agonizing! I applied for a power chair but was denied so I used an office chair with wheels to get around my home but out of the home was extremely limited as the pain of walking was to great. I was on the verge of becoming diabetic but didn’t care as I felt living a life without enjoyment just was not worth it? Walking was totally impossible without a cane and then for a very short distance and only on level ground such as a sidewalk. God forgive if a curb had to be stepped down!

Today I am very involved with some influential people developing foods and products to help disadvantaged gardeners such as garden scooters with wheels and a swivel bench seat so one does not have to kneel or bend steeply to garden,  a new type of container mix that weighs only 10 lbs when hydrated versus a sixty pound bag of container mix, a tomato that has been genetically crossed with a blueberry. The specific tomato chosen has the highest amount of lycopene and the blueberry known for its antioxidant. The result of both in one is a very possible aid in prevention of cancer and other disease. It was originated at the University of Oregon and I am working with an associate to grow them as, of course they are not on the market and still in the development stage. They don’t even have a name yet!  I refer to them  as OSU, short for the university.

In addition to all this I’ve become very active in the gardening world more or less as a hobby and have been asked for gardening advice on the internet from people as far away as New Zealand and am seriously considering writing a book as suggested by my gardening friends on the internet as my garden techniques are very different from the norm. So let’s see “How has my life changed by the loss of weight?”