Avoiding Food Temptations

Posted: May 26 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

Much of the success of your weight loss plan after gastric band surgery depends on your ability to control the foods that enter your environment. By not buying ice cream, candy and other unhealthy items when you go grocery shopping, you reduce the likelihood that you will cheat and face dieting setbacks.

Unfortunately, our environments are not hermetically sealed and you still may be exposed to foods that you love but that you can’t eat while controlling your diet after surgery. It is important that you learn to avoid this temptation rather than give in each time unsanctioned food crosses your path.

Don’t look at the food. It is so much harder to avoid the temptation if it’s staring you right in the face, so try to avoid looking at it.

Get busy! If your temptation food is present at a party, go into another room and start mingling. Becoming involved in a conversation can take the food off your mind.

Try mind games. Some patients report picturing the food covered in your least favorite insect. Picturing the food covered in flies or other insects can send messages to your brain that control your impulse to eat it. While this method may seem extreme, if it works to keep food on the table and out of your mouth, it might be worth a try.

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