When Does Snacking Become Dangerous?

Posted: Jan 30 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

There are many obstacles to losing weight, from not eating the right foods to eating at the wrong times. Gastric bypass in Naples can help you to control your hunger, but it will still be up to you to make the mental changes necessary in how you approach snacking. There are appropriate times and foods to eat in between meals, but dieters should be aware that there are right and wrong ways to snack. Even moderate snacking can become dangerous when done improperly.

Eating a healthy snack between meals is often a beneficial way to reduce hunger and promote weight loss, but it is important to reach for snacks that are part of your weight loss plan. Eating foods high in sugar, cholesterol, or carbohydrates, however, can have the opposite effect. Prepare yourself a healthy snack before you are hungry and have it ready to go when the urge hits.

Everyone knows about that growl that originates in the pit of the stomach at 12:01 in the morning. When this tempting hunger becomes overwhelming, many people turn to snacking. So many commercials advertise “late night crave” deals, that it is no wonder why this type of snacking has become so common. Late night snacking is one of the most dangerous form of snacking. Satisfying those cravings before bedtime is so detrimental because the body burns more calories during the day than it does while you are sleeping. In other words, a person is more active during the day than at night. When eating is followed by a long period of inactivity, the potential for gaining weight increases.

When you are trying to lose weight, snacking doesn’t have to be an entirely bad idea. By incorporating healthy foods in proper portions at appropriate times, snacking can be a beneficial aspect to your weight loss program.

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