8 Unique Exercise Trends for Active People

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Getting active is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy yourself, but the same old exercise can get boring after a while. Keep yourself challenged and motivated with something new. Here are eight fantastic trends that you should try.



A slackline is a piece of flexible webbing that is strung between two fixed structures such as trees or poles. The slackline is like a tightrope that the user walks across. Slacklining requires core strength and good balance. Advanced slackliners learn jumps and tricks, and some people string the slackline high into the air. This is called highlining.



Kitesurfing, or kiteboarding, is similar to windsurfing except that the participant harnesses the power of air by holding onto a long string attached to a large kite while balancing on a surfboard. Some teams of kitesurfers cross large bodies of water, taking turns surfing from one island to another or even across the Atlantic Ocean.



Zorbing, also called orbing, is an activity that involves rolling down a hill in a giant plastic ball. Running inside the ball makes it move. Beginners can learn on a flat surface while experienced users like a steep slope. Some people play a game like soccer while inside zorbing balls, running into each other as each team attempts to put a ball into a net.



Skimboarding is a kind of surfing that involves riding into waves as they break in the ocean. When skimboarders catch a breaking wave, they can perform twists and turns by using the power of the waves to propel them into the air. This extreme sport is popular with surfers who want a little more excitement.



Bossaball is a team sport like volleyball with a trampoline on each side of the net. It is played on an inflatable court and is usually accompanied by loud music. One player stands on each trampoline with other players on the outside. Each team attempts to get the ball to go over the net and land on the other team’s side. It is most popular in Europe and South America, but it is making its way all over the globe.


Underwater Hockey

This unusual game is sometimes called Octopush, and it is hockey played at the bottom of a swimming pool. Teams push a hockey puck along the bottom of the pool and attempt to score by pushing the puck into a goal. Participants wear snorkeling gear while they play.



Powerbocking requires wearing shoes on special spring-loaded, curved stilts that are about two feet high. These shoes allow the user to jump more than five feet into the air and to run quickly along the ground. Some people can do tricks and stunts while powerbocking, but this takes a lot of skill and is dangerous. It’s best to wear protective gear and practice in a safe environment.


Barefoot Skiing

This activity is simply waterskiing on the back of a motorboat without the use of skis. Participants use their feet in place of water skis, balancing against the water while holding onto flexible ropes attached to the boat. Barefoot skiers have to move at a faster speed than traditional skiers in order to stay upright, and more balance is needed as well.


These unique activities may seem unusual now, but they are trending in the sports and fitness world. You’re sure to hear about them as they gain popularity. If you’re an active person looking for something new to try, one or more of these fun trends may be just right for you.

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