After Weight Loss Surgery, Be Happy

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After Weight Loss Surgery, Be HappyThere is an old saying that it takes more muscles to complete a frown than it does to simply smile. But the weight of a frown is actually much heavier on the psyche than it is on the body. Smiling might not be a workout in and of itself, but it can encourage you to get started on a real workout. This is the power of positivity, and it is a real phenomenon. Being happy and positive can help improve your weight loss efforts by giving you the mental boost necessary to push on through difficult times.

The Benefits of a Smile

To smile is to show your happiness. People have been smiling throughout all of human civilization, but it has only been over the past 50 years that researchers have begun drawing the connections between the way people smile and the way people are able to cope with stress and improve their health. The first research about smiling came out in the early 1970s, when researchers wanted to see how if even faking a smile helped to shape the way a person perceived any given situation.

Since then, smile research has taken off. There is now even a body of evidence suggesting that smiling regularly can support your weight loss goals. For example, laughing for a solid 30 minutes is actually shown to be a valuable form of exercise, and the mental health benefits that come from engaging in laughter often helps people to feel more positive about their body and wellbeing, which encourages healthy choices, like eating right and exercising. Research continues to be done showing that maintaining a positive attitude after weight loss surgery helps people to reach their weight loss goals.

Here are a few other advantages of putting on a smile:

  • Smiling is shown to make us more attractive to others
  • It can help enhance your mood
  • Works to relieve stress
  • Smiling actually can stimulate your immune system and help you relax
  • Helps to lower blood pressure

There are plenty of reasons for you to smile after weight loss surgery in Fort Myers. It takes a lot of determination and hard work to lose weight, and you are doing that for yourself. You might not yet be happy with your current weight, but you can be happy that you are working towards a healthier way of lifeā€”and that is something worth smiling about.

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