Are Tacos the Newest Weight Loss Food Trend?

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Is Mexican Food the latest trend in weight loss? This is the idea that some of the latest weight loss fad headlines will have you believe, but there are a lot of questions worth asking before you start thinking about using the newly minted Mexican Food diet as a way to lose weight. Just as with any other fad diet, it is important to sort the fact from fiction before you start making any changes to your dietary strategies.

The best way to do this is to sit down with your weight loss surgeon in Naples or Fort Myers and to talk about the ins and outs of the dietary strategy, and to consider exactly how eating that dietary plan will benefit your whole body, not just your weight loss plan.

The Problems with the Mexican Food Diet

There are several primary concerns associated with the Mexican food diet. First and foremost, the Mexican food that most Americans consume is not by any means appropriate weight loss food. Mexican restaurants serve up fried corn chips by the pound, not to mention dishes that are loaded with cheese and sour cream. The fat content on these dishes is over the top, and the calorie content is usually way higher than is recommended to consume in a typical meal.

When you make Mexican food at home you are loading up your plate with many of the same dietary offenders. Taco shells, cheese, ground beef and refried beans—these are not good items to support your weight loss plan.

So then what is this new diet trend talking about? Well, Mexicans don’t eat Mexican food the same way most people in the United States eat it. Instead, in Mexico you will find people eating locally, with a diet that is focused on vegetables and spices to flavor foods rather than on fried tortillas and pounds of cheese. The idea behind this diet is to eat how people actually eat in Mexico, which does have a lot of health benefits. The problem is that by calling this a Mexican food diet, too many people will make assumptions about the diet referring to those beloved tacos and burritos, and this is likely to send a lot of people astray as they think they are eating to lose weight, but in reality are not eating healthily at all.

Weight loss surgery is still the most effective tool for weight loss on the Gulf Coast. Before you make any changes to your diet, sit down and talk to your weight loss surgeon about the choices you can make to help yourself lose weight as effectively as possible.

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