Hidden Sugars in 3 Seemingly Healthy Foods

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When you’re trying to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle one of the first changes people make is how they eat. Trying to eat healthy can be tough but trying to find healthy foods at the grocery store can become a whole new challenge. At first glance, many health brand food products appear to be good for you, but the fact is they may contain high amounts of hidden sugars. Today, the average American consumes 22 to 28 teaspoons of added sugar per day, which amounts to 400 empty calories. This added amount of empty calories can lead to excess weight gain and increase disease risk. You need every bit of weight loss help you can get, so watch out for these five health food items that are hiding excess sugars from you and opt for healthier choices:

Dried Fruit – Traditional dried fruits with no-added sugars such as raisins can be a healthy snack, but watch out for other options that contain added sugars. Certain types of dried fruits contain at least 40 percent added sugar, and one-third cup has the same amount of added sugar as an 8-ounce serving of regular soda. This could amount to an added 66 empty calories per day. Instead of reaching for sugary treats like dried cranberries, reach for an old fashion box of raisins. Raisins are an all-natural dried fruit with fiber, potassium and antioxidants and no added sugar.

Salad Dressing – Some people think olive oil and vinegar is a healthy replacement for salad dressings, but certain types of Sweet Vinegar and Olive Oil have 17 grams of added sugar. Be wary of any food item that has the word “sweet” in the title!

Yogurt – Yogurt is always a great option for a healthy snack but be aware of the hidden sugar in some brands. Certain flavors of yogurt are hiding up to 29 grams of total sugar per 6-ounce container!

It is important when making trips to the grocery store to always check the nutrition labels on the products you buy—even if they are labeled as healthy foods. The added sugar from some healthy foods could lead to weight gain along with many other health issues. Knowing exactly what you’re getting when you purchase healthy products can help you maintain long-term weight loss. On your next trip to the store, keep these examples in mind to help you remember to always read the nutrition labels.


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