Bullet Journaling: Tracking your Weight Loss

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The idea of keeping a weight loss journal is far from new, but that doesn’t mean that the act of tracking what you eat, how often you work out, and how you are feeling along the way has to stay the same year after year. Bullet journaling is a rising trend in journaling, and the concept works really well with tracking weight loss efforts.

The Benefits

Maintaining a weight loss journal is routinely shown to be one of the most effective habits that you can engage in to encourage weight loss success. There are plenty of ways in which you can keep a weight loss journal, from phone apps to notes in the side of your traditional planner. In fact, there are even weight loss journals for sale on the market, with special columns to help you track different information that is important to your weight loss goals.

Bullet journaling is a new addition to this conversation, as it is something that has only recently become popular. This type of journaling requires the use of blank pages in a journal, and self-designed pages that encourage you to be thoughtful and deliberate with what you decide to track.

Here are a few ideas as to what you can do with bullet journaling:

  • Track your countdown to weight loss surgery: Since everything is custom, creating a custom countdown clock to something that is personal for you is easy to do and makes a lot of sense. You can create a countdown and focus on the healthy habits you want to encourage as you are waiting for your bariatric procedure.
  • Change your goals week by week: Give yourself a goal of the week that you want to focus on and create charts that will help you track your progress for one week at a time. Next week, either start over to continue on that same habit or track something new. Nothing is pre-printed, so it is easy to be flexible and accommodating to your own needs.
  • Put as much or as little time into your journaling habit: The entire process of bullet journaling is private, so you do it on your time, and to your ability. Spending more time setting up beautiful spreads will help you to put more energy and dedication into reaching those goals, but on weeks when your schedule makes that hard, just simplify it.

You can look online to find inspiration for bullet journal charts to help you get started, and talk with your weight loss surgeon and nutrition expert team to help you figure out what you should start tracking to help with your weight loss goals.

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