Celebrations after Bariatric Surgery

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Celebrations after Bariatric SurgeryYou don’t have to avoid celebrations such as dinner parties, birthdays and bar mitzvahs just because you had weight loss surgery. You have control over how many calories you put in your body and how you burn them. Don’t shy away from social events. Instead, come up with strategies that will allow you to enjoy yourself without experiencing an unexpected digestive issue.

Big Portions are Out

Portion control after weight loss surgery, is the key to eating all the things you love during a social; event. Instead of taking normal amounts of each dish and filling up your plate, now you must settle for one or two spoonfuls of each treat. Don’t be afraid to eat a little more of the healthier foods like green vegetables or lean meats, but cut back on fat-laden casseroles and sugary desserts.

Prepare Before You Go

The “old you” might have starved before a party so you could eat more from the buffet table, but now, your surgery will limit your intake and you don’t want to feel nauseated if you mistakenly eat the wrong kind of food.  So what can you do?  Take a couple of small food containers with you as backup. If you are not sure about what you can eat or if there is nothing but food that you do not want to eat, fill a glass with protein shake or add your backup food to your plate.  Focus in enjoying the company and not enjoying the buffet.

Eat Slowly and Carefully

Don’t let the excitement of the event get in the way of chewing things well and eating each bite slowly. Mindful eating means you take the time to really enjoy each bite. This allows you to pace yourself while celebrating with your family. Instead of eating quickly and missing the vital cues that signal you are full, eat slowly, wait an hour, then have seconds if you still want them. Chances are you won’t

Stick with the Plate Method

Just because it is a party does not mean you can forget your eating rules.  Eat your protein first. Try three bites of protein then two bites of vegetables and then one bite of a starchy food, fruit or even a dessert treat.

 Pick and Choose Wisely

Set some standards for yourself when you go out celebrating. Look for the best treat at the party and this is the one you will have.  Don’t look at them all and try to have a sample of each. You have limited room for treats now so if you have to have one – make it the best.

Cut Back on Alcohol

Alcohol affects your inhibitions and judgment, so you are more likely to make food mistakes if you drink. Some surgeries will make you more susceptible to the effects of alcohol and all alcoholic drinks are simply laden with empty calories. Stick with one of your approved drinks and avoid the carbonated beverages. .

Getting carried away by eating during social events is a common problem for people who have not yet taken control of their weight.  Because you are not one of those people, we are confident you will have no problem staying on track.  In case you need a little help though, remember we are always her for you.

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