Getting Over Food Obsessions

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It’s long been said that the trick to avoiding overindulgence and temptation is just to stay home. When you want to lose weight, don’t put yourself in a situation where a piece of cake is just an order away. Menus are overly tempting, and it becomes difficult to stick to your diet plan when you are surrounded by the sights and smells of everything sweet.

But then social media came around, and now between the videos on Facebook and the pictures all over Pinterest, staying home to avoid temptation is just as difficult. What do you do when you are actively trying to eat healthy and avoid a craving, only to come across it while sitting safely on your own couch?

For nutritionists, the issue of social media and food obsession is real and common. To lose weight, you need to do more than avoid the foods you might want to eat, you need to actually convince yourself that you don’t want those foods at all.

Here are a few strategies for staying healthy while browsing your news feed:

  • Start following nutrition accounts. There are plenty of nutritionists out there that post regular updates with healthy recipes that could be part of your daily dietary plan. Go ahead and start following those accounts to flood your news feed with healthy food ideas.
  • Unfollow friends who dine and post. You don’t have to un-friend someone who is constantly posting pictures of their latest dessert masterpiece, but you don’t have to look at their tempting dishes every day either. Just unfollow them. They will never know, and you will never again know what they are eating.
  • Do alternative searches. When you see something particularly decadent on your news feed, open a new browser and begin searching for healthy foods that look just as good. If you spend more of your energy looking for healthy recipes then you will be less likely to be pulled into eating unhealthily.

Making changes to your diet isn’t easy, and after weight loss surgery you will have to stick to your diet plan as well as you can to make sure that you keep up with your weight loss goals. This is why it makes sense to surround yourself with as much encouragement as possible. Try converting your news feed into a place where you find support and healthy ideas.

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