Good Problems to Have – and How to Deal with Them

Posted: Mar 12 in Weight Loss Blog by

Successes you enjoy as you lose weight after bariatric surgery can bring their own little problems – but these are good problems to have, especially when you know how to deal with them.

Clothes that are too big : As you lose weight, your clothes will become too big for your increasingly smaller frame. Since you may have many different stages of weight loss, it’s important to find an economical way to get clothing that fits during each step of your weight loss. Borrowing clothes from friends, shopping on Ebay and going to thrift stores all offer economical solutions.

Increased energy: If you find yourself unable to sleep as many hours as you once did, or unable to just sit and watch television because of the new energy coursing through your veins, use your time to engage in additional physical activity. Your activity doesn’t have to be anything strenuous-a simple walk outside can help to expend some energy, give you time for self reflection, and burn a few extra calories.

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