How to Increase Positivity

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Rejoicing is easy when life goes well. However, occasionally, you might feel negative. Sad news on the TV and radio, or in your private life is gloom-worthy. Especially, if circumstances show no signs of improvement. These tips will help to brighten your mood.



Wisdom suggests it is unhealthy to focus on problems when you’re blue. Rather than dwell on worries, practice a new hobby, or go somewhere unfamiliar. Switch off technology that connects you to negative data and detach.


Alter gloomy thoughts

Change how you experience pessimistic thoughts. When you imagine problems, make the images in your mind black and white. Frame and shrink them and watch them explode into nothing. Likewise, when your critical voice chatters, make it high-pitched and fast, and turn it down until it goes.


Focus on a best-case scenario

Stress comes from the unhappy stories you tell yourself. When a cloud of doom descends, you’ve run through the worse outcomes relating to potential problems. You’re sad when you consider pitfalls, so change your thoughts. Imagine a positive scenario like it’s real. Use your senses to create a lifelike experience until negativity vanishes.


Affirm your blessings

Fear and sadness stem from worries. Mull over joy rather than entertain anxiety-provoking thoughts. Nature, works of art, delicious foods, smiling faces; just a few examples of the wonders negativity blocks. Blessings abound, waiting for recognition. Focus on them, and your positivity will increase.


Pack away your troubles at bedtime

Can’t sleep because problems come to mind? Picture a chest with a sturdy lid. When worries appear, imagine you download them onto a memory stick. Place it in the chest and close it, knowing that while your problems are inside, you can safely rest.


Set an intention each morning

When you wake up your thoughts influence your mood. Start the morning with a positive intention to bust through negativity. Picture a dark cloud above your head. Shrink it to the size of a coin and imagine holding it in your hand. Squeeze it until it bursts open and silver glitter fills the screen of your mind. Intend to repeat the exercise when gloomy thoughts threaten to darken your day.


Do what you don’t feel like doing

Whatever you don’t want to do is probably a good antidote to stress. Don’t want to dance? Play upbeat music and force yourself to dance until you shake off the blues. Don’t want to exercise? Stroll in the countryside, paying attention to nature’s details like the skeletons of leaves and the petals of flowers. Can’t bear clearing out your closet? Do it anyway. As a result, your mood will lift.


A negative mindset is miserable, so take action. Focus on topics that make you happy. Use your imagination to change your emotional atmosphere, and you’ll feel better.

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