Join a Team after Weight Loss Surgery

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Join a Team after Weight Loss SurgeryBeing part of a team is a great way to find regular support and to keep your motivation level up after having weight loss surgery. Your initial support team following surgery is likely to include your weight loss surgeon, the support staff, your best friends, and your closest family members. But as time goes on and you continue losing weight, you may find that you are in need of finding a new team—a team that is more designed to keep up with your ongoing needs, to help you stay motivated and interested in your long-term goals, and most importantly, to keep you active.

This is where rec sports come into play. Most cities across the country have a local rec sports league for adults of all ages and athletic levels to participate in their favorite sporting events. From soccer and flag football to softball and kickball, there are sports teams at all sorts of different levels and to accommodate all sorts of different interests. You can find a rec league near you by checking out or by contacting the closest gulf coast parks and rec department.

Why Rec Leagues Work

Rec leagues are the perfect solution to an age old problem: motivation. When you are still rather new to the world of exercise and regular workouts, it can be rather difficult to stay motivated. Doing the same thing day after day without seeing immediately gratifying results can grow old and frustrating. As soon as you let that frustration settle in, it can become difficult to get yourself up and going every day. What’s more, relying on friends to meet you at the gym isn’t always reliable, and as soon as one friend backs out it becomes way too easy to back out yourself.

Rec leagues create a scheduled time and place where you can meet up with friends once a week to engage in a sport of your choice. There are rec leagues around for people of all athletic levels, from skilled to beginning, and plenty of rec leagues out there have a strict “just for fun” policy, which means that while they encourage you to get out there and do your best, there is no heightened competitive spirit to dampen anyone’s day.

Most people who join rec leagues do so on their own, and are placed as part of a team. This is a great way to meet new friends who have similar interests to your own, and to find new workout partners.

After weight loss surgery, you’ll want to find ways to keep yourself motivated and interested in staying active. Becoming part of a rec league can help you on both of those counts. Check out what rec leagues are starting up near you and try getting out there this season.

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