Losing Weight with your Favorite Foods

Posted: Nov 10 in Post-Bariatric Diet, Weight Loss Blog by

Losing weight requires making long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle, including how active you are. The dietary changes that you make have to be focused around your new weight loss program. Your weight loss surgeon will spell out these changes for you to make it plain and simple, but this won’t change the fact that there are some foods that you will always love, and saying goodbye to them forever may seem more and more difficult with every passing day of your weight loss plan.

Eating fast food every day or indulging in cookies and ice cream regularly will not support your weight loss goals. However, all foods can fit into a healthy diet, so long as they are handled appropriately and managed wisely. Sometimes you can find a way to get the same texture and flavors that you love without having to give in to all of the extra calories of your favorite dessert.

As you become more comfortable with goal thwarting and goal supporting behaviors, you can start to make choices that fit into your healthy lifestyle. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you are embarking on this new journey:

  • Try thinking clearly about what flavors you really want to enjoy, and find a way to enjoy those in a more healthy way. For example, a baked apple is a lot healthier than a piece of apple pie.
  • Don’t plan on just having a small bite of your favorite snack whenever you feel the craving. Instead, let those indulgences be had in moderation, and only sparingly. A piece of cake can be something planned for on a special occasion, not something enjoyed on a whim.
  • Finally, try focusing on the healthy foods that you love, and how you can make healthy foods into something that you crave. Play with the flavors of vegetables and spices in the kitchen until you find yourself craving foods that are totally acceptable on your weight loss diet.

While there are definitely some foods that need to be consumed only in moderation as you lose weight, that doesn’t mean that you can never have them again. Having a piece of cake at a birthday party isn’t the end of the world, as long as that choice was made deliberately and accounted for in your healthy diet plan.

One of the most difficult obstacles that you have to encounter when you make the decision to start losing weight is saying goodbye to unhealthy favorite foods. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to say goodbye to your favorite foods indefinitely. Talk to your weight loss surgeon before you make any changes to your diet plan.

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