Mind and Body Wellness after Weight Loss Surgery

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Mind and Body Wellness after Weight Loss SurgeryThere is an old proverb that you can’t drink from an empty cup. It refers to the idea of working yourself so hard that you run yourself dry. Your body is a vessel, and once you run dry there is no fuel left to push you forward.

Thinking in metaphors like these can be useful after weight loss surgery. While you are constantly thinking about what physically goes into your body and what you can get out of your healthy choices, it is important to think also of your mental well-being. It isn’t possible to run on empty. You need to nourish your mind as well as your body if you are to embark on a life-long journey of healthy living.

Managing Stress as you Lose Weight

Guided visualization is a stress management practice that helps people learn to manage their stress by helping them visualize a helpful metaphor. One common stress management technique follows the same proverbial track as above. Thinking of your body as a vessel of nourishment means that you have to keep a steady amount of fluid in your body at any one time. If your vessel is empty, you dry up. If your vessel is too full, it overflows—which is easily translated to being overwhelmed.

When you make the choice to get weight loss surgery, you sign-up for a total overhaul of past dietary and behavioral practices. While exciting, these changes can start to feel stressful—especially when fatigue starts to set in. Taking strides to manage your stress before you begin to feel too overwhelmed can help prevent you from that running on empty sort of feeling.

You can work on managing stress in your life by:

  • Setting a schedule that works for you. You know your body best, so you are the only one that knows what you can handle. Make sure that you are carving aside enough time for you to sleep every night. Don’t let anything take away from the healthy habits you have that help you recharge your batteries.
  • Finding a strong support network. Some of us are blessed in life with a strong support network in our family and friends. Others need to find support in people with like-experiences. Weight loss support groups are a great way to stay accountable and keep your stress in perspective.
  • Always remember that you can say no. If something doesn’t feel right, you can say no. At every moment you have the power to make the right choice for you and your body. Don’t ever let social pressure make you feel like you can’t get out of eating something, going somewhere, or trying something new. If you aren’t comfortable, excuse yourself and be on your way.

Learning how to manage your stress effectively takes time, just as losing weight takes time. As you embark on making these healthy changes to your body, focus on what you can do for your mind. This might make all the difference in helping you stay positive and on track for success after weight loss surgery.

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