Motivation after Weight Loss Surgery

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Motivation after Weight Loss SurgeryA lot of people make the mistake of thinking of weight loss surgery as the first step in your weight loss journey, but for anyone who has struggled with obesity and has ultimately made the choice to get weight loss surgery, you know that this isn’t the case. Weight loss surgery is far from the first step in that journey, but it isn’t the last step either. Weight loss surgery is a strategy that can propel your weight loss efforts to reach your goals, but you need to work with the program to ensure that you get to where you want to be.

The first weeks after weight loss surgery are highly motivating. You are going to lose a lot of weight rather quickly as your body adjusts to the bariatric procedure. For the first couple of months that follows you are likely to see steady weight loss, as well. But this won’t last forever. At some point the weight loss will begin to lag, and you may even find yourself hitting a plateau long before you reach your ultimate weight loss goal. When this happens, you need to have motivation ready to go so that you can stay on track for success and not lose sight of where you want to be.

How to Find Motivation

The best place to find motivation depends entirely on who you are, and what you want to achieve. Motivation can be any form of biological, cognitive, social or emotional force that encourages you to move forward and reach your weight loss goal.

It is a good idea to think about what motivates you the most early on in your weight loss journey, and to keep motivational forces around you to remind you of what you want to achieve. For some people, the idea of improving their health so they can be there for their family is plenty of motivation to help them stay focused. For others, the best motivation comes from photographs of them at their goal weight, or of others who have inspired them to try losing weight by the incredible results they’ve achieved on their own.

Motivation and readiness are the ultimate combination for weight loss success. The fact that you’ve made the decision to get weight loss surgery shows that you have committed to readiness. Finding the motivational sources that will encourage you the most to accompany that spirit of readiness will help you stay positive and focused on your weight loss goals.

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