Picking the Healthiest Drinks

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Picking the Healthiest DrinksWhen you go to the market, the array of specialty drinks with oversized health claims can be dizzying. Which ones are the best options for your health, particularly after weight loss surgery? We help you pick what to drink by listing options from best to worst.

Best Pick: Plain and Simple H20

There are lots of reasons to recommend water. It’s hydrating. It’s calorie, sugar and additive free. Flowing freely from faucets all over the land, it’s also the most economical option.

Water can taste bland and boring to those who are used to flavored and sweetened drinks. Store water in the refrigerator so that it is always chilled and appealing. If you do not like the taste of tap water, buy a filter pitcher. These can provide a fresher and cleaner taste.

Mix It Up With Infused Waters

If you get bored with plain water, flavored waters can add some variety. There is no need to buy them at the store. It is easy to make herb- or fruit-infused waters at home. A few suggestions for a change of pace:

  • Add slices of lemon, orange or lime to a glass of water.
  • Crush fresh basil or mint, and add to a pitcher of water.
  • Slice cucumber and add to water with lemon, mint or on its own.
  • Crushed fruits such as peaches and berries add a mild and refreshing taste to water.

Commercial water products with vitamins provide no more benefit than vitamins consumed in other ways.

Curing the Soda Craving

Commercial soft drinks can add excess sugar and hundreds of calories to your diet without providing any nutritional benefit. And, while carbonated beverages are fine for most people, those who have undergone weight loss surgery should avoid them. The bubbles take up extra space in your stomach and can cause uncomfortable bloating. Try weaning yourself off carbonated beverages before surgery.

When you’d normally reach for a soda, try sugar free hot or iced tea instead. Some types of tea, such as fruit-flavored herbal teas and those with added ginger, vanilla or cinnamon, taste sweet without the added sugar. And tea has the added health benefit of protecting against cancer and stroke.

Drinks to Avoid

Sports drinks provide no more hydration than water for most people and can be loaded in sugar. Energy drinks often have as much sugar as soft drinks and can contain dangerous amounts of caffeine. Avoid both of these for better health.

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