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After successful weight loss surgery, you´ll still need to work hard to keep the weight off. While bariatric surgery is an important first step in your weight loss journey, you will need to make lifestyle changes to ensure the weight you worked so hard to lose stays off. Lifestyle changes include eating healthy foods and being active each day for at least 30 minutes. However, you may find that even as you try to make these changes, roadblocks set you back. Below are some common roadblocks to long-term weight loss and tips to get around them.

“I over-eat at buffets, even when I don´t mean to. Help!”

An endless table of food can spell danger for anyone. Keep your food intake under-control by reminding yourself of your goals and only taking small portions. No matter how much you want to go back for seconds, don´t. Focus on talking to your friends and family rather than eating.

“I work long hours and am too tired to cook at the end of the day.”

After spending long hours in the office, the last thing you may want to do is prepare a meal at home. Fast food, while an easy meal option, is also loaded with fat, sugar and calories. Instead of fast food, plan ahead. On the weekend, plan out your meals for the week, go to the grocery store and get all your ingredients, and make as much as you can in advance and freeze it. This way, when you get home, you can pop your meal in the oven for a tasty and satisfy meal, without the calories.

“The gym is boring – I hate walking on the treadmill.”

Some people love the gym, some people hate it. If you´re bored with the gym, try spicing up your exercise routine. Take a new workout class with friends. Go for a long hike on the weekend. Bike to work. Go for a walk every evening through your neighborhood. Run around outside with your kids. Most importantly, work out with an exercise partner to help you stay focused and on track.

“I´m often hungry between meals and end up raiding the office vending machine.”

Make this your motto: Prior planning prevents problems. If you find you´re starving every day at 3pm, make sure there is a high protein snack in your desk drawer or lunch box. Bring a cup of non-fat Greek yogurt with you to work for an afternoon protein boost. Alternatively, protein shakes for bariatric patients provide high protein and additional nutrients so they are an ideal first choice as a snack.

“I just can´t control my sweet tooth.”

Even if you change your diet and workout every day, you may still succumb to the temptation of desserts. That´s okay! Just make healthy choices. If you are out with friends, rather than fight your dessert desires (until you end up frustrated and snacking on ice cream), share a high-calorie dessert with the whole table. You´ll enjoy a few bites without the guilt. If you´re at home, pair fresh fruit with Greek yogurt or a small scoop of sorbet. Remember, the key to dessert without the guilt is portion control and making smart calorie trade-offs!

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