Solving Stress Swiftly after Bariatric Surgery

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Solving Stress Swiftly after Bariatric SurgeryWhen you have the time, activities like progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing can be powerful ways to reduce stress, but they typically work best for managing anxieties long-term. We seldom have spare time for them in our most stressful moments—when you’re in the midst of a hectic day at the office, it isn’t always an option to close your eyes for 10 minutes and focus on your breath.

For this reason, it will help after bariatric surgery to learn a few strategies that provide a speedy route to stress reduction and help you calm down almost instantaneously. Because too much stress can lead to overeating and all the other unhealthy habits you’re working hard to break, build up your selection of stress management strategies with:

  • Visualization. If the world around you is too stressful, try a quick retreat to the world within. Picture yourself relaxing somewhere far away, or doing something that soothes your soul. Delve into details and engage your every sense to make the fantasy more fulfilling. Imagine the salty breeze ruffling your hair as you kick back on the beach of a private tropical island, or the roaring fire of your hearth at home warming your back, a blanket wrapped around your shoulders.
  • Music. If you’re a music fan, you probably have a few songs that are guaranteed to ease your mind, and these tracks can become excellent stress reduction tools. Try making a playlist of relaxing music and throwing on your headphones whenever you need to cool off quickly. Though classical music’s relaxing influence has been studied extensively, you can choose anything that you personally find peaceful.
  • Optimism. When your circumstances are already stressing you out, worrying over their potentially negative outcomes will only make things worse. Positive thinking can make it easier to face your situation with a clear head and even steady your heart rate. If you’re having trouble staying optimistic, just focus on something that makes you smile without fail. Think about your wedding day, the party you’re planning for your best friend’s birthday, your upcoming vacation or the way your dog will wag his tail when you get home.

When stress becomes overwhelming, it can become another obstacle between you and your weight loss goals, so keep these strategies in mind whenever you’re feeling anxious. If you’re having trouble managing stress after weight loss surgery, don’t hesitate to stop by your bariatric center for some help.

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