The Soundtrack to Your Weight Loss Workouts

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The weight loss help of a workout playlist after gastric band in Ft. MyersMusic may be one of mankind’s favorite forms of entertainment, but it can also be a valuable tool. If you’re struggling to stay motivated through your workouts after sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or gastric band in Ft. Myers or Naples, it may be time to find a new gym buddy: your perfect workout playlist.

Researchers have long studied the unique effect that music has on our brains. Studies have shown us that listening to energetic music during workouts can:

  • Minimize our perception of exercise intensity and fatigue
  • Boost our energy levels and enjoyment of physical activity
  • Enhance our endurance

Of course, these benefits won’t come from playing just any old song. The right tracks for your exercise mix should have:

  • Quick tempos. Tempo refers to the speed of a piece of music and matching your steps or reps to it can be a big help in keeping a steady pace. For this reason, and because energetic songs are the most likely to psyche us up, the songs on your playlist should be relatively fast, with strong, driving beats that make you want to move your feet. Researchers say that the best window for workout song tempos lies between 120 and 140 beats per minute (BPM)—you can find BPM on your own with a site like or use an app like Cadence to easily match songs to your workout speed.
  • Good lyrics. The message of a song can be crucially important, so look for affirming lyrics that inspire you to do better. 22-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps is well-known for listening to confident rappers like Lil Wayne before a competition—find artists who motivate you with their words as much as the music beneath them.
  • Familiarity. When we hear songs more often, we tend to like them more, and this will give them a bigger motivational boost. For this reason, your favorite songs can be perfect tracks for your personal workout playlist. Think about what you might put on during a high-energy party or a sunny summer drive—anything that consistently brings a spring to your step or a smile to your face can work well.

Pumping yourself up for exercise can be as simple as plugging in your headphones. What songs have you found most motivational after sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or gastric band in Ft. Myers or Naples? Share your favorite workout tracks in the comments below.

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