Sticking to a Workout Plan

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How to stick with a workout plan after weight loss surgery in Naples or Ft. MyersWhen are you getting your 30 minutes of exercise today? If the answer is ‘maybe later,’ you may need to rethink your approach. For many Gulf Coast patients of lap band, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, it can be difficult to squeeze regular workouts into a hectic schedule, and excuses to skip the gym usually aren’t difficult to come by. One way to get around this issue is to regularly schedule your workouts ahead of time, figuring out when they can fit into your weekly routine before you have the chance to avoid them altogether.

Though this process will be different for everyone based on individual preference and schedule, it’s a good idea to sit down once a week, or once a month if you’re really ambitious, and plan out just when your exercise is going to happen. If you have a planner or calendar that you use to plan the other events in your life, try putting your scheduled exercise in the same place. Remember that exercise is of paramount importance after weight loss surgery and should be given at least the same level of attention and dedication as your post bariatric surgery diet.

Still, sticking to a schedule of any kind can be difficult. Until regular exercise becomes a habit, here are some tips to help you keep exercise a regular part of your daily life.

  • Work out with others. If you have other people waiting for you to arrive for a workout, it may make you less likely to bail on exercise plans. Try signing up for an exercise or dance class, scheduling a session with a personal trainer or even just planning a workout with a friend. This will not only keep you on the ball—it will also make your workouts more fun as you’ll be sharing them with friends.
  • Use technology. We live in an age of endless devices and gadgets, making scheduling just about anything a breeze. If you don’t like using a regular calendar or planner, try scheduling your workout with Google Calendar or set an alert on your cellphone.
  • Keep things interesting. If you’re fed up with the same old stale workout routine, it’s going to be a real drag to get yourself to do it every day. Instead of toiling away with the same boring exercise, try something new. There are plenty of great ways out there to break a sweat so you shouldn’t feel tied down to whatever you do in your regular routine. Is there an outdoor activity that you’ve always wanted to try or a dance you’ve always wanted to learn? Schedule an outing! If you try some different things, you may just find that one activity that will forever keep your workouts from feeling like a chore.

Regular exercise after bariatric surgery is an important aspect of weight management. To keep yourself on the right track for weight loss, make sure you stick to your scheduled workouts.

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