Support Groups: A Substantial Source of Weight Loss Help

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Support Groups: A Substantial Source of Weight Loss Help in Ft. MyersYou’ll go through some difficult changes after bariatric surgery, and while your weight loss surgeon, family and friends will be there to support you, they won’t always be able to help you deal with the unique problems you face. Sometimes, you’ll need a little weight loss help from others who have been in your shoes, and this is where bariatric surgery support groups can be so invaluable.

You never have to go through your weight loss journey alone. By attending support groups regularly you can meet other people who have had similar experiences, as well as meet professionals who can offer more detailed advice on how to stay healthy. In the process, these people can become much more than just momentary acquaintances—as you lose weight and solve problems together you may find them becoming new allies and even lasting friends.

How Support Groups Make You Stronger

During a support group meeting, you’ll discuss your experiences with other people who have had bariatric surgery. Some may be veterans who have already reached their goals; others may be starting to adjust to their new lifestyle. Members discuss their troubles and triumphs, offering each other encouragement and seeking advice from the weight loss professional who is leading the meeting.

Joining the close-knit community of a support group can offer benefits like:

  • Consistency. There’s a different support group or seminar going on just about every week, and this can make it easier to get weight loss help when you need it. However, you can also exchange numbers with other members and call them in times of trouble, giving you a supportive ally whenever you need one.
  • Hands-on advice. If you’re having a problem in your program, there’s a good chance another member has faced the same problem before. By seeking weight loss help at a support group, you can learn from the experiences of others.
  • Expert guidance. You won’t be able to contact your bariatric surgeon 24/7. Because support groups are facilitated by dietitians and other weight loss pros, they can give you access to the assistance of more people who are highly skilled in helping others lose weight.

Seeking Support

If you’ve never attended a bariatric surgery support group, now is the perfect time to start. Visit our seminar and support group schedule to learn more about the events we offer and begin getting the weight loss help you need. You can also use our Facebook page to connect with other patients.

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