The Keys to Success in Fitness and Weight Loss

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It’s no secret that most people are looking to get into better shape and lose weight. But why do so many people start strong and then slowly lose their momentum? A study found that nearly 73% of individuals with New Year’s fitness goals gave them up. Hidden behind all the workout routines, diet plans and health regimens are some vital concepts that can become obscured.  These ideas become the pillars that support a successful fitness transformation.


Too Much Too Soon

Sometimes an individual eager to change their bad habits can push themselves too hard in the beginning. Whether that manifests as lifting too much weight in the gym or strict dieting limitations, it quickly becomes unsustainable. Once delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) kicks in or the body begins rebelling against its new calorie restrictions, failure becomes nearly inevitable. To continue to be successful in your fitness goals, you must start with smaller adjustments. Gradually increase your workout intensity or start your diet by making healthier choices, not simple calorie restrictions.


Consistency is Imperative

Another issue that can plague a person trying to get into shape is a lack of consistent action.  Finishing a challenging workout on Monday but skipping subsequent workouts doesn’t provide the regular training the body needs to change. Likewise, eating healthy a few days a week and then snacking on chips and candy doesn’t provide the necessary tools for reducing body fat.  Around 38% of people polled stated that once they slipped up on their workout or eating plan it was too difficult to pick back up again. It’s important to do the best you can as regularly as you can.


Simplify and Stick to Basics

While the internet is an amazing researching tool, it can also overwhelm people with specialized gym routines, fad exercise equipment, and experimental techniques. It can become frustrating and intimidating when it’s difficult to know which direction to take. Instead, stick to basic movements in the weight room, like bench press and squats. These types of exercises work for multiple muscle groups, and most gyms offer both free weight and machine versions of these movements. Leave the unique and form finesse exercises to fitness professionals.


Success is Within Reach

It’s possible to start on a path toward positive change today and continue that path throughout life. However, it’s important to remember to start with small changes and reasonable challenges.  Excessive intensity from a beginner isn’t maintainable for the long term. Being consistent is crucial for both exercise and healthy eating. A maximum effort one or two days a week isn’t going to provide good results.


Don’t become dismayed by the multitude of workout routines out there, but instead stick to simple multi-muscle group exercises. Stay away from fad diets that promise unrealistic results and instead make small modifications. With these concepts in mind, fitness goals are achievable as well as a longer, healthier life.

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