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Weight loss help at work after gastric band in Ft. Myers or Naples

You carve out time of your evening to fit in 30 minutes of exercise, but after a while that doesn’t seem like it’s enough. To really keep up with your health and wellness goals after surgery for sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or gastric band in Ft. Myers or Naples you need to start incorporating activity into your entire lifestyle. This is easier said than done when you spend a minimum of eight hours a day seated at a desk.

Unfortunately, thirty minutes of activity cannot undo 23.5 hours of sedentary behavior.

The weight loss help you are looking for may be waiting for you at work. Most Americans spend between eight and nine hours a day at their workplace, and usually somewhere in that stretch of time are one or two brief breaks that are given to you to do with what you wish. It isn’t necessarily practical to jump on a treadmill for 15 minutes of your lunch break (unless you work in a gym), but it is practical for you to use the space you have to you to engage in some simple stretches and strength building exercises.

Whether you are in a cubicle, a hospital break room or classroom, you can use your workspace to your advantage. Here are a few simple activities that can help you burn more calories in the long stretch between your daily workouts.

  • Lift your knees: A great workout that engages the whole body, you can do this while standing in place. Simply lift one leg at a time until your knee reaches your abdomen. To complete the workout, bend your arms at a 90-degree angle and lift them so your elbows are even with your shoulders. Pull your arms down as you lift your knees so that your wrists and knees meet at your waist.
  • Arm wave: To do this activity you will want to start with both arms stretched towards the right side of your body. Wave the arms in a half circle until they are on your left side, with your left elbow by your left ear. Swing the arms back to reach the same position on the right side. Step with this motion to engage your lower-body.
  • Punch the air: Take out some workplace aggression on the air around you by punching side to side. With each punch, step with the alternate leg to add more motion to the activity. Take a breath with each punch and try to build a rhythm. Be as careful as possible doing this activity and make sure you have plenty of room for your arms to extend, otherwise you might punch someone or something!

If these activities don’t seem right for your workplace, consider going for a lunchtime walk. A quick lap around the parking lot or up and down the stairs can boost your energy and help you burn calories.


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