Weight Loss Help with Family Support

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Weight Loss Help with Family SupportWhen it comes to losing weight, your family can really give you the home court advantage. Spending more time with your family is a great way to boost your weight loss efforts, especially if you can start incorporating more healthy and active ways to spend time into your family’s schedule.

Getting a gastric band in Ft. Myers is certainly going to help your weight loss efforts, but it won’t be enough to completely change your life. Getting the support of your family and finding new ways to spend time together without the lure of unhealthy foods is a big step in creating a healthy lifestyle after bariatric surgery.

Quality time with your family doesn’t need to involve unhealthy habits—and it certainly doesn’t have to come at a high cost. There are plenty of fun ways to spend more time with the ones you love.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • After dinner, walk and talk: Create a family ritual of taking an evening stroll together. Take the dog with you and walk around the block while talking with each other about your day. This will help you scheduling more regular exercise into your day, but by making it a family outing you have the security of one another and the opportunity to talk more in an active setting.
  • Swap out regular movie nights for something else: Movies are expensive, yet many families will trek to the theater so they can spend a few hours sitting in silence while watching the screen. Skip movie night and get to know your spouse and children better. An evening at the mini-golf course or playing bumper cars often costs about the same as a night at the movie theater.
  • Cook and clean together: Instead of breaking up the chores and heading to different corners of the house, get the whole family involved in the cleaning and cooking process. Invite your children to help you cut vegetables while prepping dinner. Split the cleaning with your spouse by putting things away as he or she washes the dishes. Invite your children to set the table with you, not just for you. You can spend an hour every night cooking and cleaning as a family with no television, homework or phone calls to distract you from one another.

Spending more quality time with your family can be a huge boost to your motivation after weight loss surgery. Try incorporating more active time into your lifestyle. Encouraging your family members to take part in these activities with you will help improve their health too!

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