After Weight Loss Surgery, Stop Stress with Your Senses

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After Gastric Band in Ft. Myers, Stop Stress with Your SensesStress can affect us any time, but it usually doesn’t wait for a convenient opportunity. Usually, stress is worst when we have the least time to deal with it, and this makes it hard to combat our anxieties with activities like deep breathing that are generally best when more time can be devoted to them.

After sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or gastric band surgery in Ft. Myers or Naples, letting stress get out of control can lead to extra calories from emotional eating, and it can make it much harder to stay motivated. If stress is getting the best of you, it helps to know a few strategies that help you calm down, even if you don’t have time for yoga.

A simple way to reduce stress in any situation is to engage your senses. Every sense can provide a unique experience that distracts you from your stressors and makes it easier to calm down. You can help yourself handle stress better by engaging senses like:


Focusing your attention on your ears can help you reduce stress, especially if you surround yourself with soothing sounds. If you love music, listening to something relaxing can be an excellent way to put an end to stress, and you may be able to use your headphones even when stuck under a pile of work at your desk. You can also hum or sing a song to yourself, or invest in sources of auditory sensation like:

  • Wind chimes outside your window
  • A fountain for your office or household


Though you can use your mind’s eye to envision yourself relaxing on a calming tropical beach, it may help even more to keep tangible sources of peace within your field of vision. If you’re consistently feeling stressed out in your workplace or home, it may be best to redecorate with things like:

  • Flowers and houseplants
  • Motivational photos or precious personal mementos
  • Uplifting colors


The sensation of touch can be exceptionally relaxing. You can use the sense of touch to your stress-busting advantage by:

  • Squeezing a stress ball
  • Giving yourself a neck or shoulder massage
  • Wearing a favorite cozy sweater or other article of clothing

Stress can sometimes seem insurmountable, especially when you don’t have time for your favorite relaxation technique. However, by engaging your senses in these simple ways, you can keep stress from impeding your progress after gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric band surgery in Ft. Myers or Naples.

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