Why Flexibility Matters for Weight Loss

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Why Flexibility Matters for Weight LossFlexibility exercises might be one of the most overlooked elements of any weight loss program. The reason for this is often because of the nature of how flexibility exercises work. Long stretches feel great, but they don’t deliver results in the same way that weight lifting or running would. Flexibility exercises don’t necessarily leave you sweating or panting for breath. But what they do offer is just as important as a vigorous workout. In fact, without flexibility exercises, you might find your workouts cut short as a result of unprepared muscles and body strain. After having weight loss surgery in Fort Myers, it is especially important to make sure your muscles are ready for your next workout by getting in a proper stretch.

There are some pretty basic reasons as to why you should make stretching a regular component of your workout:

  • It reduces your risk of injury
  • Helps to enhance flexibility
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Reduces post-workout tension and muscular pain
  • Helps to relieve stress-related muscle tension

There are plenty of ways that you can engage in a good stretch. There are stretching routines, like as practiced in yoga, which focus on particular body parts and flexibility goals. This sort of stretching uses flowing techniques that move seamlessly from one pose to another to address the full body. Other types of stretching include static stretching, which is a more basic type of pose-based stretch that you will often see athletes engage in prior to a workout. This is typically used as a way to warm up the muscles, but can also be used to help cool down following a workout.

Whatever type of stretching you choose to try, the best thing you can do to get started is to follow the advice of a professional. Find a stretching video online or print out information on poses. Proper form is essential when you are stretching. If you attempt to stretch your body in an unnatural way you could put yourself at risk for an injury.

When you are getting started with a new stretching routine, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Target all of your major muscle groups through a collection of different poses, rather than focusing on only one area. A well-balanced stretch will leave you feeling the best.
  • Warm up before you stretch by swinging your arms back and forth, walking for a few minutes or doing a few jumping jacks. This prepares your muscles for a deeper stretch.
  • Hold your position when you are stretching, don’t bounce. After you release, go back to that pose again and hold it for a bit longer. Repeating stretches like this really helps warm up the targeted muscles.

Finally, keep in mind that stretching shouldn’t hurt. While you may feel a bit of tension, it should feel like nothing more than a true stretch. If you feel any sort of pain, then you may be pushing your body too far. Refer to the proper form and relax your muscles.

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