Increase weight loss after weight loss surgery

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Many people who have weight loss surgery worry about the possibility of weight regain. While the first year after surgery often brings about dramatic changes, over time you may find that you settle back into old habits. The good news is that weight regain is not inevitable. Find out how to improve your chances of losing weight and keeping it off after surgery.

Exercise Every Day

The National Weight Control Registry (NWCS) tracked the weight loss of over 5,000 people who kept a significant amount of weight off for over a year and found that 90% exercise everyday for an average of one hour. Among these people, walking was the most popular form of exercise. While exercising alone might not be enough to help you lose weight and keep it off, adding a regular fitness routine to a sensible diet will make it easier for you to reach and maintain your goals.

Monitor Your Weight

Of the 5,000 people in the NWCS who successfully lost weight and kept it off, 75% weighed themselves at least once per week. Monitoring your weight can help motivate you to stick with other diet and exercise goals you’ve set and alert you early to signs that you’ve gotten off track.

Keep Track of What You Eat

Writing down everything you eat helps you to be more aware of the food choices you’re making. For example, you may be less likely to indulge in a high-calorie dessert if you know you’ll be writing down the calories later. While you might find this to be inconvenient and time consuming at first, it’s an important step toward helping you change your behaviors.

Be Consistent

It’s not a coincidence that 90% of the people who successfully lost weight reported exercising every day, rather than a couple times a week. Being consistent increases the chances that your actions will lead to results. Consistency also helps these healthy behaviors become habits, meaning that it actually gets easier with time to stick with your diet and exercise plan.

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