Losing Weight Safely with Age

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Losing weight becomes more difficult the older you become. For so many people, a quick trip down memory lane is enough to confirm this entirely. As teenagers and even in your early twenties, gaining a few pounds over the holidays was easy enough to remedy by the time summer came around. The older you get, the more difficult this seems to attain, and before you know it you could be facing several years-worth of holiday pounds all at once, with no seeming easy trick for making them disappear.

Your metabolism naturally slows down as the year’s progress, and this leaves many people feeling heavier and a bit slower than they were in their youth. However, there are plenty of ways to push your body back into gear and reach the weight loss goals you’ve set for yourself regardless of your current age.

Losing weight as you get older requires changing the way that you think about weight loss, and a little bit of extra support from your weight loss doctor.

How to Lose Weight with Age

  1. Think about lifestyle changes, not dietary trends. This is encouraged regardless of your age, but becomes much more important the older you get. Trendy diets don’t work—especially not in any sort of sustainable way. To lose weight you need to make healthy long-term changes in your eating habits.
  2. Think about your activity level, not your workout. Hitting the gym a few times a week is great, but you need to think about the big picture. What are you doing daily to stay as active as possible? This is what will make the biggest difference in helping you to achieve your weight loss goals as you age.
  3. Think about the type of added support that you need. This is one lesson that many people have to learn with time. Losing weight is challenging, but there is no need to attempt to handle that challenge entirely on your own. Reach out to your medical weight loss doctor for support. Allow your friends and family members to form a support network around you. Be part of that support network for those you care about who are also trying to lose weight. The more support you surround yourself with, the more likely you are to be successful with your weight loss program long-term.

Ultimately, these strategies for losing weight with age aren’t too different from the best ways to lose weight at any point of life—but they do become more important. Your risk of experiencing an obesity-related disease increases the older you grow, so there is no reason to wait any longer to take control of your weight. Contact your medical weight loss doctor to learn more about the best ways to start losing weight now.

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