Setting Healthy Goals after Weight Loss Surgery

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Setting Healthy Goals after Weight Loss SurgeryWeight loss surgery is one of the most successful methods available to support weight loss. But if you want to make the most out of your weight loss program, even after having weight loss surgery, you need to have a strong goal in mind and healthy strategies available to help you stay on track.

While weight loss becomes a lot easier and more manageable after having weight loss surgery, especially for those who have struggled to lose weight in the past, it isn’t automatic. This means that even after your bariatric procedure you are still going to have to wake up every morning and make the healthy choices necessary to drive you towards your ultimate goal. And just like any actual journey, knowing your destination makes the process of getting there much easier.

Great Goal Setting Strategies

Everyone is different, so the best weight loss goal for you depends on your personal circumstances. The following strategies are designed to help you in determining what that ultimate goal should look like.

Here are a few healthy methods to help you create a strong weight loss goal:

  • This specific and realistic: Simply saying you want to “lose weight” is far too vague. You need to think specific, but be realistic. Consider what you’ve weighed in the past and what your ideal body weight is for your height based on BMI, and make your goal with those factors in mind.
  • Think long-term: It is easy to think about what you can do today or this week, but what are your long-term goals? Thinking about both short and long-term goals is the best way to help yourself stay prepared and motivated for what is ahead.
  • Put yourself in the future: What does it look like when you’ve actually reached your goal? Try doing a few visualization activities to actually picture yourself living that healthier lifestyle. Doing this every day can help you shape your behavior and stay motivated to really reach that happy place.
  • Be ready to be flexible: There are plenty of reasons you’ll need to adjust your goal. You may find that your goal is too low or too high, and that is fine. Be reflective and make adjustments as necessary to help yourself stay on track for success.

Making a weight loss goal is a huge step, so take your time and really think about what is best for you. Talk with your weight loss surgeon about your ideal goals early on, and make sure that you are both on the same page with what you are trying to achieve.

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