What is Obesity

Post-Bariatric Dietary Transitions *

Weight loss surgery sets you up for long-term weight loss success, but this is only true when you keep up with the dietary changes your weight loss surgeon outlines prior to your operation. If you attempt to maintain the dietary habits that you had prior to your bariatric procedure, then you may not be as successful in reaching your weight loss goals. [Read more]

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Medical Experts Call Obesity a Disease *

How do you think about obesity? Is it a genetic problem? Something you were raised with? A problem with self-control? You may be amazed to realize just how many people who struggle with obesity don’t consider obesity to be a medical problem. Unfortunately, the science isn’t on the same side of this argument. It doesn’t […]

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American Medical Association Recognizes Obesity as a Disease *

In a decision that could shape the way our country deals with the obesity epidemic in coming years, the American Medical Association (AMA) officially recognized obesity as a disease at its annual meeting of delegates. [Read more]

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A Better Cinderella Story *

We all love fairy tales for a reason. We want to think that all of the weight loss help, financial support and wisdom will shower down on us eventually. [Read more]

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Weight Loss Pill Let Down *

The Food and Drug Administration has approved another weight loss drug no less than 30 days after approving Belviq (locaserin) in late June. [Read more]

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*Weight loss surgery results vary between individuals depending on the initial weight, medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Bass about the results you can expect.