What is Obesity

Obesity, Heartburn and Cancer Risk *

Posted: Aug 15 in Obesity and your Health, What is Obesity by

As the rate of esophageal cancer in the United States goes up, there are some who identify obesity as the culprit behind the heartburn and acid reflux, and now studies are indicating that being obese could increase your risk of esophageal cancer. [Read more]

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Mental Mistakes of Weight Loss *

Posted: May 01 in Obesity and your Health, Weight Loss Blog, What is Obesity by

Medical weight loss programs are designed to give you everything you need to be successful with your weight loss program, from what you should be eating to how often you should be moving. The program puts everything you need right in front of you, but it still takes mental commitment on your part to keep up with it. [Read more]

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Fit for the Long Haul *

Posted: Apr 14 in Weight Loss Blog, Weight Loss Surgery, What is Obesity by

There is an old saying about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks, and when it comes to losing weight there are many who assume that once they’ve reached a certain age there is just no point in trying to make changes. However, the facts don’t back up this point of view. [Read more]

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The Truth about the Latest Diet Trend *

Posted: Oct 30 in What is Obesity by

As long as people have wanted to lose weight, there have been special dietary trends that claim they can help people do just that. Fad diets come and go, but there are a few things that always stay the same. There are people who want to lose weight, and claims that say they can help you do it quickly, and with little actual changes to your overall lifestyle or dietary preferences. The latest of these dietary trends is the keto diet, and it has received a lot of press that is both positive and negative, but what is the keto diet all about? And can it actually live up to the hype that is marketed about this popular fad diet? https://www.gulfcoastbariatrics.com/wp-admin/post-new.php# [Read more]

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Post-Bariatric Dietary Transitions *

Posted: Feb 05 in Weight Loss Surgery, What is Obesity by

Weight loss surgery sets you up for long-term weight loss success, but this is only true when you keep up with the dietary changes your weight loss surgeon outlines prior to your operation. If you attempt to maintain the dietary habits that you had prior to your bariatric procedure, then you may not be as successful in reaching your weight loss goals. [Read more]

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Medical Experts Call Obesity a Disease *

Posted: Aug 08 in Weight Loss Blog, What is Obesity by

How do you think about obesity? Is it a genetic problem? Something you were raised with? A problem with self-control? You may be amazed to realize just how many people who struggle with obesity don’t consider obesity to be a medical problem. Unfortunately, the science isn’t on the same side of this argument. It doesn’t […]

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American Medical Association Recognizes Obesity as a Disease *

Posted: Jul 24 in What is Obesity by

In a decision that could shape the way our country deals with the obesity epidemic in coming years, the American Medical Association (AMA) officially recognized obesity as a disease at its annual meeting of delegates. [Read more]

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A Better Cinderella Story *

Posted: Aug 28 in What is Obesity by

We all love fairy tales for a reason. We want to think that all of the weight loss help, financial support and wisdom will shower down on us eventually. [Read more]

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Weight Loss Pill Let Down *

Posted: Aug 23 in What is Obesity by

The Food and Drug Administration has approved another weight loss drug no less than 30 days after approving Belviq (locaserin) in late June. [Read more]

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Overweight Individuals May Eat Fewer Meals than Many Predict *

Posted: Jan 12 in What is Obesity by

Researchers discovered that people of average weight actually eat more snacks plus meals during the day as compared to the overweight. [Read more]

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