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3 Ways to Enjoy Dieting *

Posted: Dec 12 in Healthy Lifestyle, Post-Bariatric Diet, Weight Loss Blog by

Dieting doesn’t have to be stressful or painful. In fact, dieting can be a fun and exciting process provided you take the time to personalize it. With these top three tips, you can make dieting enjoyable in no time. [Read more]

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Is Anxiety Making You Fat? *

Posted: Nov 05 in Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss Blog by

Does your stomach carry the weight of the world? It’s tough to drop pounds and inches when life is stressful. Discover why it’s hard to lose weight when you’re under pressure, and you’ll spot clues about how to remedy the situation. [Read more]

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The Worst Clothes to Wear When You Want to Look Svelte *

Posted: Nov 01 in Healthy Lifestyle by

Many people can carry extra weight and look terrific. If you aren’t one of them, you might need a little help in the fashion department. Perhaps you feel more comfortable when your stomach looks flat. Or, you might think you appear older than you are or unhealthy when you’ve gained a few extra pounds and want to hide it. [Read more]

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Five Practical Tips For Having More Productive Mornings *

Posted: May 16 in Healthy Lifestyle by

Some folks are naturally morning people. These people are able to have highly productive mornings without enormous effort. But for most of us, the challenge is greater. Fortunately, there are some practical, effective ways to get more done in the mornings. Follow the following five tactics to accomplish more in your mornings. [Read more]

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Health Benefits of Eating Fatty Fish *

Posted: Apr 18 in Healthy Lifestyle by

Have you read recent nutrition recommendations to include more fatty fish in your diet? It’s true: there are numerous benefits of eating fish which contain omega-3 fatty acids.  Not only do they taste good, but they’re also good for us! Despite all of the bad press that fat has received over the years, some types of fat are good for our health. One type is called omega-3. Two subcategories of this unsaturated fat are called EPA and DHA, and are found in a variety of fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna. [Read more]

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Why You Need to Relax Before You Can Sleep *

Posted: Apr 11 in Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss Blog by

The idea you must relax before you sleep might sound obvious, but how many people actually unwind before going to bed? Many rush through the day, feel tired, and expect to fall asleep the moment their head hits the pillow. When you don’t relax, though, it’s hard to sleep. Here’s why. [Read more]

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How to Help Yourself When You Have Anxiety *

Posted: Feb 14 in Healthy Lifestyle by

When people are worried, scared or tense about things that may happen to them or are actually occurring around them, this is anxiety. It is actually a normal human response to stress, but learning how to manage it and live a healthy life is important. When anxiety becomes overwhelming and unmanageable, this is the time to get help. You can also learn to manage your anxiety so it does not overwhelm you. [Read more]

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Discover the Health Benefits of Kale *

Posted: Feb 07 in Healthy Lifestyle by

Kale is a leafy green vegetable which is grown for its edible leaves. A member of the cabbage family, the plants have either green or purple leaves with a slightly tough stem running through their middle. The edges of the leaves tend to be either flat or curly. Kale comes either whole or pre-chopped, and it can be eaten raw or cooked. This health-promoting vegetable can be commonly found in most stores the world over. [Read more]

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Four Reasons Why Dance Is an Amazing Form of Cardio *

Posted: Jan 24 in Healthy Lifestyle by

When you think of a cardio workout, you probably think of something that is arduous and not much fun — such as running. However, a great cardio workout doesn’t have to be that way. Dancing is actually one of the best forms of cardio there is. Here are three reasons why you should consider trying dance cardio. A good cardio workout is all about putting your heart through its paces. You need a strong cardiovascular system to be truly healthy. The heart is probably the body’s most important organ, and better cardio health extends lifespan and reduces risk for an enormous number of diseases. [Read more]

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How Virtual Reality Can Help Maintain Weight Loss *

Posted: Jan 10 in Healthy Lifestyle by

With so many jobs being converted to working from home, people are struggling to find alternatives to traditional methods of keeping weight down. Creating an at-home gym space is not an option for some. Due to fear of the pandemic, light walks and jogging have become something to avoid due to safety concerns. Isolation for long periods of time can also lead to depression and anxiety, which exacerbate the struggle to maintain proper eating habits during these trying times. Solutions exist thanks to advancements in technology that many are not yet aware of. [Read more]

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