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The Ultimate Trick for Weight Loss: Meal Prep *

Posted: Aug 09 in Weight Loss Blog by

Weight loss is incredibly difficult because so much of the process is psychological. When you have an impulse or craving, you’re experiencing a powerful decision-making influencer. Takeout food, for instance, is easy, comforting and saves time. It’s an instant gratification that manipulates your would-be logical thinking with emotional triggers. But if you limit these day-to-day meal decisions, when you’re most vulnerable to slip up, you can remove impulse from the equation and replace it with good habits. [Read more]

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7 Sneaky Ways to Add More Vegetables to Your Diet *

Posted: Jul 26 in Weight Loss Blog by

Whether you are encouraging your kids to eat healthier or trying to improve your own nutrition, adding more vegetables to your diet can help a lot. Nutritional experts recommend a minimum of five servings of vegetables every day, but most people fall far short of that goal. If you own diet is deficient in the vegetables, you may need to think more creatively. There are plenty of other ways to serve up vegetables, and side dishes are only one of them. Here are seven sneaky ways to incorporate more healthy vegetables into your daily diet. [Read more]

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Core Exercises for Health, Rehab, and Fitness *

Posted: Jul 19 in Weight Loss Blog by

The term “core” refers to not just your abs, but the tissues and structures around them as well. Your core includes the abdominal muscles, the multifidus, pelvic floor, diaphragm, and more. While many people seek out core and ab exercises because they aspire to a flat, well-defined midsection, they often miss out on the greater benefits. Your core is responsible for stability and force transfer and can help to prevent and rehabilitate injuries, as well as promote long term health, regardless of whether you are a high-performance athlete or a wellness enthusiast. [Read more]

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Four Benefits of Walking *

Posted: Jul 05 in Weight Loss Blog by

If you are looking for an easy way to begin a healthy exercise routine, start with a walk. Walking is a low-impact form of exercise that can be done just about anywhere and by anyone. This type of physical activity offers many health benefits, and only requires a comfortable pair of walking shoes. [Read more]

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Feeling the Pressure: 10 Common Physical Symptoms of Stress *

Posted: Jun 28 in Weight Loss Blog by

Stress has become a major problem in recent years, affecting millions of people from all ages and backgrounds. Many people don’t realise that stress can cause a wide range of physical symptoms and chronic health problems. Here are 10 common physical symptoms associated with stress. [Read more]

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Drop Your Emotional Baggage: It Weighs You Down *

Posted: Jun 21 in Weight Loss Blog by

It’s impossible to live without meeting challenges, some of which may leave you hurt or frustrated. When you carry grudges and pain into the present, though, you can’t move forward. You don’t progress because your past weighs you down and makes you stressed. Here’s how to drop emotional baggage and improve your well-being. [Read more]

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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Walking Routine *

Posted: Jun 07 in Weight Loss Blog by

Among the many ways to get and stay fit, walking has to be one of the easiest.  Not only can walking be done nearly anywhere, but it is safe for beginners and older fitness advocates.  Additionally, walking is an economical exercise option – requiring no more than a good pair of shoes. [Read more]

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Give Your Diet a Healthy Makeover *

Posted: May 24 in Weight Loss Blog by

When people talk about diets and eating healthy, it might conjure up an image of small plates filled with weird food you don’t want to eat. But eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. You don’t have to forsake your favorite dishes in order to care for your body. You just need to modify them a bit. Below you’ll find a few healthy alternatives that will give your diet a makeover and still allow you to enjoy dinner time. [Read more]

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Getting Back in Shape after 40 *

Posted: May 17 in Weight Loss Blog by

So it’s finally time to get yourself back in shape. You’ve realized that age is starting to have a real effect on your body, and you want to do something about it. Getting back in shape can be difficult, because your body doesn’t burn fat as easily as it used to, and it doesn’t recover as rapidly as it did when you were young. However, if you exercise intelligently, you can still get to the fitness levels you want without injuring yourself while doing so. You just have to exercise a little smarter. [Read more]

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8 Crucial Health and Well-Being Benefits of Cycling *

Posted: May 10 in Weight Loss Blog by

If you’re looking to raise your exercise levels, taking up cycling is an activity you may not have considered. However, it’s one of the most effective types of exercise you can do, with many benefits to go alongside simply getting fitter. Here are eight of the most important ways cycling can improve your well-being. [Read more]

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