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Hydrate for Weight Loss *

Hydration isn’t always something that you think about right away when you are trying to lose weight, but the reality is that without drinking enough water every day, you aren’t going to reach your weight loss goals. [Read more]

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Healthy Eating Made Simple *

When you first embark on any new wellness program, the ins and outs of figuring out the new system can be stressful, and sometimes it can feel like sticking with the program long-term is going to be too much to handle. But the longer you stick with a wellness program, the easier it becomes to […]

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When Weight Changes with Time *

There are a lot of different aspects of life that tend to change with age. Your energy level is definitely one of them, as is your patience and your personal interests. Many of these changes we look at as inevitable, as a sign of growing older. [Read more]

Home Workouts Made Fun *

There are plenty of reasons as to why working out at home is more convenient than working out at the gym or with friends. When you work out at home, you work out on your time, when you are available, and without the need for any sort of additional support with watching the kids or cooking dinner. [Read more]

Happiness and Weight Loss *

Having a positive attitude can have a huge impact on your life, and the best part is that unlike so many other wellness routines that take some time before you start feeling the impact, changing your attitude can help you begin to feel better starting today. [Read more]

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*Weight loss surgery results vary between individuals depending on the initial weight, medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Bass about the results you can expect.