Weight Loss Surgery

The Benefits of a Single Workout *

Sometimes it is hard to get up the motivation to go to the gym. After a long week at the office, by the time the weekend comes it can take a lot of mental energy to convince yourself that heading to the gym is worth the hassle—especially when you know it will be the only […]

Healthy Eating Made Simple *

When you first embark on any new wellness program, the ins and outs of figuring out the new system can be stressful, and sometimes it can feel like sticking with the program long-term is going to be too much to handle. But the longer you stick with a wellness program, the easier it becomes to […]

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Home Workouts Made Fun *

There are plenty of reasons as to why working out at home is more convenient than working out at the gym or with friends. When you work out at home, you work out on your time, when you are available, and without the need for any sort of additional support with watching the kids or cooking dinner. [Read more]

Healthy Breakfast Swaps for Weight Loss *

If breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, then it should come as no surprise that the way you approach your breakfast can have a huge impact on your weight loss routine. [Read more]

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Breaking Past Weight Loss Barriers *

One of the biggest frustrations with losing weight is the struggle of breaking past a barrier. There are points in your weight loss journey where the weight will feel like it is dropping off, and there are other points where the weight will feel like it is completely stuck, despite your best efforts to follow all of the rules of your weight loss program. [Read more]

*Weight loss surgery results vary between individuals depending on the initial weight, medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Bass about the results you can expect.