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How to Be Positive When You Begin the Journey to Your Dreams

Posted: Dec 27 in Weight Loss Blog by

Perhaps your goal is distant, but the journey to success has to begin somewhere. People who make their dreams come true are persistent. They understand they won’t get ahead straight away and will meet setbacks. It’s important you recognize problems are part of the package when you follow your dreams too. Here’s how to develop the right mindset and conditions to aid success. [Read more]

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How to Keep Your Sanity while Losing Weight

Posted: Dec 20 in Weight Loss Blog by

Unfortunately, there is no simple, effortless way to lose weight. Weight loss requires you to have the willpower to stick to a vigorous exercise plan and a healthy diet. It requires patience, because lasting weight loss is slow and gradual. Sometimes, it seems like losing weight can drive you mad. These tips can help you lose weight while keeping your sanity. [Read more]

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Seven Things You Need To Do After Exercise

Posted: Dec 13 in Weight Loss Blog by

So, your workout is over and you’re ready to move on to your other activities. Not so fast. You need to end your workout in style, not abruptly. You should cool down to bring your heart rate to its resting rate. To achieve this, it’s best to do the following seven things: [Read more]

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Eat A Good Breakfast To Jumpstart Your Day

Posted: Nov 29 in Healthy Lifestyle by

It has been proven that you will lose more weight if you eat a big breakfast than if you don’t. Why does eating in the morning help your diet? The answer is that when you eat a large breakfast, you will have more energy for your day and your hormone levels will stabilize at the beginning of the day. Best of all, if you eat a substantial breakfast, you will find it easier not to resist snacking. [Read more]

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Choosing a Diet: 6 Steps to Finding the Perfect Eating Plan

Posted: Nov 22 in Weight Loss Blog by

With so many diet plans to choose from today, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Should you try low carb, low calorie, vegan, gluten-free, or some other new diet trend? Of course, you can–and should–consult your doctor, but only you can make the final determination on the perfect eating plan. These six steps will help narrow down the options, so you can choose a diet that tastes good, suits your needs, and gets results. [Read more]

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Here are Five Super Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Weight Loss Efforts this Year

Posted: Nov 15 in Healthy Lifestyle by

Have you reached a plateau in your efforts to lose weight? Are you starting to feel like your scale is stuck and need to do something to start shedding pounds again? If so, you have come to the right place. Incorporate the following five fabulous tips into your daily routine and watch the pounds start to melt off again. [Read more]

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The Invisible Benefits of a Daily Meditation Practice

Posted: Sep 27 in Healthy Lifestyle by

Meditation is becoming increasingly popular among people who want to better themselves. Practitioners tend to feel more calm and joyful after they’ve meditated, and there are even claims that it can help treat and prevent diseases. Since meditation is mostly a solitary practice, it can be difficult to verify such claims. Is it that people who meditate already have better immune systems, or does meditation help an immune system to become better? The research is a bit fuzzy. However, there are scientifically-supported benefits of meditation that may not seem as huge as cancer prevention, but that extend to multiple areas of your life. Even if meditation isn’t a cure-all, it certainly helps. [Read more]

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How Walking Improves Your Health

Posted: Sep 20 in Weight Loss Blog by

Do you feel like you are in a rut? Are you feeling both mentally and physically run down? Try adding a 20 minute walk to your daily routine. Walking is a great low-impact exercise that has many benefits. Just 20 minutes of focused walking can improve your overall mental and physical health. [Read more]

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You Don’t Have to Exercise Every Day to Reap Health Benefits

Posted: Sep 13 in Healthy Lifestyle by

You are committed to exercising to keep fit, but somehow cannot find the time for it every day. Your good intentions are thwarted by late nights, late mornings, a headache, a child with a toothache, and a million other reasons. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people who take part in regular physical activity reduce their risk of suffering from coronary heart disease and stroke, as well as hypertension, diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, and depression. Regular exercise also aids in weight management. [Read more]

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Lose Weight By Adding Healthy Soups To Your Diet

Posted: Aug 23 in Weight Loss Blog by

If you’re searching for a healthy way to lose weight faster, soups can be a great tool to fill you up and help you stay with your diet. But not all soups have the same benefits. If you’re eating soup for weight loss, it’s good to gather several recipes that have proven to be both healthy and satisfying. That way, you’ll always have a go-to recipe at your fingertips. [Read more]

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